You don’t have to be a wealthy investor in order to benefit from a financial advisor

Ensuring that you save enough for your retirement years is a worry that most Americans face, especially considering that life spans are steadily increasing, pensions are a dying breed, and Social Security won’t be enough to live on. Most Americans know that, today, the burden of retirement saving is placed solely on their shoulders. And they don’t want to live out their worst retirement fear: running out of money.

In fact, the benefits of working with a financial advisor are probably more significant when you’re just stabilizing your daily expenses and small investments. At Thayer Partners, LLC, we understand that it’s important for regular American households to have a financial management team that can be trusted. When looking for the best possible financial advisor Boston MA residents know they can turn to our experienced team.

Here are a few ways our financial advisors can help your family:

  • Investments and money management can be confusing. There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t know how to invest in the stock market, or even if you should invest in the stock market. Most Americans really don’t know how to best handle things like loans, mortgage payments, and retirement strategies.

  • Staying in one job isn’t always feasible anymore. When your parents entered the workforce, they probably looked for employment in a company where they could stay for their entire career. The American workforce has changed a lot since then; most young workers won’t stay more than five years in the same job. When that is the case, planning for retirement definitely isn’t easy

  • Get help with tax efficient investing and planning. If you are looking for ways to reduce your taxes, you can benefit from working with a financial advisor. Many people find tax efficient investment strategies to be so confusing that they don’t pay attention to the details that could save a lot of money.

  • You need to have a savings plan. The Great Recession isn’t so far in the past that we’ve forgotten how difficult it was. It’s important to have a savings plan for down markets, and also for emergency situations.

  • You’re interested in new investment strategies. Many people get involved with investing because their company offers a retirement plan; with proper planning, investing and sufficient saving can also lead to a secure and comfortable retirement.

If you think you can benefit from working with a financial advisor Boston MA, be sure to contact Thayer Partners LLC. We can help you get your finances in order, and we can ensure that you’re confident in your future financial endeavors.

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