Retirement Plans

Helping retirement plan sponsors to improve investment performance, lower plan costs, manage regulatory risk and prepare employees for a comfortable retirement.

Thayer Partners, LLC provides retirement and incentive compensation planning and investment counsel to small and middle market businesses. We specialize in 401(k) plans and serve as a co-fiduciary on all of the plans we manage. We also provide advice on traditional Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans, SEP IRAs, Simple IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, non-qualified plans, long-term incentive plans and Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Our clients are typically small and middle market businesses looking to prepare their employees for a comfortable retirement. They hire Thayer Partners as their retirement plan co-fiduciary and investment advisor to run a successful, compliant and cost-effective retirement plan.

Service: We deliver co-fiduciary, investment analysis and administrative services only found at much larger retirement plans, and all of our services are based on industry best practices or are recommended under ERISA.  Our process-driven service model relieves fiduciaries and plan trustees of most of the administrative burden and provides those running with the plan peace of mind knowing that they are receiving market leading service and advice.

Performance: We analyze and monitor each fund in your plan every quarter to help ensure your plan investments are consistently performing at or above the market, and we communicate this process in a clear, consistent and succinct manner to the Trustees and 401K Committee.  Unlike most advisors or brokers, we do not rely on computer generated investment performance reports with their colorful and simplistic charts.  Instead, our analysis is primarily focused on performance and how your investments are doing relative to their benchmark.

Value: We match the specific needs of each client with the optimal service provider at the most competitive price, laying out your options in a clear, succinct way.  We avoid value add services from Record Keepers which do not justify premium prices and focus on driving down costs and improving investment performance so your participants receive the best value.