Thayer Partners Investment Program

Thayer manages diversified portfolios for its clients, spanning asset categories and geographic regions, primarily using mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Solid returns and modified volatility are twin long-term objectives. The firm maintains a series of strategies that are dynamically managed and support actual client portfolios. The strategies are constructed with graduated levels of implied risk and expected return, and these correspond to client portfolios as deemed appropriate in partnership with that client, factoring in risk tolerance along with return objective.

Thayer believes that the combination of broad diversification, ongoing tactical management, and the highest standards for manager selection best equips portfolios for long-term success. Macro-economic and geopolitical developments, the relative appeal of various asset classes, and perceived efficacy of underlying managers all have a bearing on portfolio trading decisions.

The firm feels a detailed understanding of portfolio characteristics and performance drivers is essential, and that steadily communicating this information with clients supports informed decision-making over the investment period. Also, we find that this openness and sense of partnership add to client comfort levels in varying market conditions and ensure that the strategy is suitable at all times.