Business Owner’s Guide to Choosing the Right 401K Plan Advisor

Do you know how to choose the right 401K plan advisor?

Your company’s 401K is likely the primary tool used by you and your employees to save for retirement. Run properly, the plan can also help you tax-efficiently build wealth outside of your business for your retirement years.

To ensure that you’re maximizing the benefits of your retirement plan for both yourself and your employees, you don’t just need an advisor for your 401K, you need the right 401K advisor. So how can you tell?

In this whitepaper we take a look at:

  • Key questions you need to ask your 401K advisor (or potential advisor)
  • The importance of educating your employees, increasing plan participation, and improving plan design
  • Funds and fees

Read this whitepaper to learn more about how to choose the right 401K advisor.

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